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Here you can see our Trips and Tours with pricing

on each trip I personally pick you up at the hotel and we drive together to our destination. At the end of the excursion I drive you directly back to your hotel. My guests are always VIP guests.

Giftun Island

2 stops snorkling each stop for 45 minutes, lunch on the boat, fishing  
for 30 minutes followed by a small trip on little boat to giftun island 
 there you will be able to exlore and enjoy the island 
also banana boat and 
tablet rides for free 
we go in morning at 8.00 am come back to 4.30 pm
we have transfer to and from hotel 
price 19 euro per person

Diving Trip

1 stop diving  
for 30 minutes we stop snorkling for 30 min
then lunch 
1 more stop diving for another 
30 minutes
hot and cold beverages are available all day 

transfer will pick you  from hotel 8.30am
come back at 3.30pm
price 24 euro per person


you will go on boat all day fishing 
we will have 
lunch and hot and cold beverages avialable all day for  free.
If you have caught any fish you could cook/broil this and than you can eat I you want .

the trasfer will pick you up at 8am 
and back to hotel will be 4.00 pm 
price 19 euros

Safari trip

quading threw the desert  
for 30 minutes
dune buggies threw desert for 30 minutes 
jeep safari 4x4 off roading round 
desert 10 kilometers 
camel track and horse track for 20 minutes each
then you we see the
Bedouin how the local people cook and live in the desert 
after that we go for lunch and 
hot and cold drinks  available all day 
we will go to see animals from the local habitat  

followed by a concert in the desert 
which  is all about the local culture and history 
transfer will pick you up at 10 am and take you back to hotel at 7.30 pm 
price 22 euros per person

Contact me: 0020 101 494 9457

Make unforgottable trips in your holiday

giftun island
boat trip
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You can contact me per WhatsApp, Email or telephone call.

FON. 0020 101 494 9457


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